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Welcome to the Turbulence Modeling Gateway Server. The goal of our project is to develop new techniques for turbulence modeling. We are exploring a range of techniques including data-driven techniques, advanced structure based modeling and hybrid RANS-LES methods from a predictive modeling as well as an uncertainty quantification context. We treat all these techniques as natural allies in the broad goal of turbulence model improvement.

Currently, the prime focus of our efforts is on the development of the science behind data driven turbulence modeling and demonstrate the utility of large-scale data-driven techniques in turbulence modeling. Our work involves the development of domain-specific learning techniques suited for the representation of turbulence and its modeling, the establishment of a trusted ensemble of data for the creation and validation of new models, and the deployment of these models in complex aerospace problems.
We are grateful to the following agencies for funding:

- NASA : RCA (2011-2014) & LEARN (2014-2017)
- NSF : CDESE (2015-2018)
- DARPA : EQUiPS (2015-2018)
- ONR : Wall Turbulence BRC (2017-2021)

We have several collaborators at the University of Michigan, Stanford University, and Iowa State University. We also consult with Boeing Commerical Airplanes and interact with NASA Langley Research Center.

We will highlight our research on this website, will maintain a wiki and we hope to make this a portal which users can upload/download/process data and turbulence models. You can register using the bar on the right.